Pauley's Tavern and Pool Hall

Daydreams to cope with sometimes take on lives of their own....

al·le·go·ryˈ (aləˌgôrē) noun

plural noun: allegories

   "A story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one."

   “An Allegory is a form of extended metaphor in which objects, persons and actions in a narrative, are equated with meanings that lie outside the narrative itself.

The underlining meaning has moral, social, religious or political significance of abstract ideas as charity, greed and envy.

Thus an allegory is a story with two meanings, a literal meaning and a symbolic meaning.”

   Yes, I looked it the f*ck up and with that you know what is needed to be known to understand what the Pauley’s Tavern and Pool Hall book series is about.

  Oh I should add that the censor is pretty much off most of the time. PG this story is not. PG13 neither. R yes; but beyond that?


Now some background info on the place ”The R*tards" go to play.

(Pauley’s term of endearment for his patrons that don’t act their age, especially when sh*tfaced.

Think about what "r*tarded" means, then how it's used in every day language to be an insulting description.

Just like calling a child a "b*stard", some words should be questioned as too f*cked up to use like they're whatever.

"Wh***" is another one with an edge, and yes these words among others will be questioned, but you as readers decide the fate of these words as they apply to your personal vocabularies.)

   Pauley’s Tavern and Pool Hall is a sort of 'speak-easy' name for The Iron Horseshoe Tavern established back in 1974 by Paul "Pauley" Kelly.

It’s called this to keep what are now known as 'hipster' invaders away, and its whereabouts only known by word of mouth.

Is it elitist?


Or it is about self preservation and preventing as long as possible, their haven from being taken over by those that do not honor tradition, nor would uphold Pauley's Code of Conduct.

  New folks are welcome, as long as they can respect the School House Rules and don't complain when Lucy gets unplugged; otherwise foos are getting their a*ses expelled!

   Over the years The Tavern has become a home away from home club house for old timers and mostly blue collar roughneck man children with its latest motley generation currently in their 30’s, give or take.

Some married with children or divorced with visitation on the weekends.

They have bills to pay, money to save, jobs to not f*ck up in order to do both.

Occasionally these a*sholes may brawl and Pauley’s shotgun Grace taken out to dance, with Jukebox Lucy playing the soundtrack; but overall the place is mellow on a weekday afternoon.

   The crowd that made The Tavern its watering hole is loyal and there is a sense of kinship between the boozer drunks.

Stories this tavern has no lack of thanks to the antics of the patrons, which also include my own.

   I wrote myself in as a character using my real name because all this stemmed from a daydream I had, to keep me company while I went for long walks with detours, in my new town of residence;

Boyle Heights, California.

   Though home for me will always be my beloved

East Los Angeles, Califas

   One day I thought of a man that didn’t exist to help me move on and let go of the past, by focusing on the existing hope of the present and lessons learned.

  Perhaps it was my way to prepare myself mentally for the future because I don't have much to my name other than my imagination.

 “Mikey, Jacob, Bobby, Joe, Paul, Davey, Alex, Dennis and Lou”

   Names of made up men that are a close knit pack of pals I will never forget.

They all represent an aspect of the men I have known, both in the good and bad; but they are human, even if fictional.

They are part of the details to the symposium full of zanies.

   This story experiment at times is a sort of open love letter to men that have shown their integrity even as they also try to get things right.

These men are strong but also weak.

Happy but still stressed.

Hopeful but discouraged at times with what they feel is out of their control.

It’s a mix we all endure, but with them; I feel how unequal men still are when it comes to expressing their feelings on it all.

How do I know?

I'm a daughter of one that expressed them regardless.

   The women in this saga also are shown going through their own life roller coasters and attaining their triumphs for they too are strong and capable.

It’s just with them, the way their stories are told is different.

How different?

The goal is to show we could use a little bit of understanding from the fellas.

With their stories, I hope to tell men that not all of us are their enemies or psychos, that more often than not, there was an issue with communicating and emotions go on edge.

We can be worthy of trusting and also respecting.

I hope to tell, we can have our bad days too, even if our hairstyles look nice; and we don't always know what the f*ck we're doing either.

We do know we could be wrong also.

No really.

Women are capable of knowing they can be wrong. Getting us to admit it, now that's something else.


I want to show the men I was able to reach through to, women can be their friends as well, and shoulder part of the old burdens that say a man must bare these alone.

Even as women, we can relate and be more than arm candy hood ornaments, "Honey can you bring me a beer?".

  But this is to reassure the males that are willing to read, they'll have a place in what is usually considered female terrain.

  Yes this is a quirky soap opera Spanglish novela, for a subculture of those that bought in to what a friend called:

"The Rockabilly Retirement Plan for Punks, Skins and Goths".

And what was surprising, the guys did get in to it as much as the gals. I mean, how can I write an open love letter to men, if I don't include what matters to and interests them?

  From the serious like Erectile Dysfunction or even the car not starting and being already late for work.

To the "Are you f*cking serious!?!" and the latter said in two manners.

One with enthusiastic glee like they scored, and the other in BOHICA despair.

Espeakin' of which....

This is a bedtime story dedicated most of all to Our Troops and 'Docs' green side or civilian; for I do know the power of a reality break, if not reading oneself asleep.

And this because I want to "Play It Forward" and yes I do mean play.

  The man I would spend countless silent moments, wondering about his happiness and safety; he was the life lesson I needed to get me out of a bad place; even as I felt helpless knowing which bad place he was headed back to.

This Army Coptor Doctor ridding one of Anansi's spiderweb threads, tied to the foot of a Dragonfly Dustoff back in Stan; reminded me why being able to control your focus, makes dealing with difficult things, easier to cope with.

The chaos will still be there, it's how you allow it to affect you, that makes a very important difference.

You either learn how to hold on and fight or you don't. That "don't" had been my concern for him.

There was a reason his story began to stand out to me.

"Yet for me that also came from the desert, compassion I also knew how to show...."

  Eyes like his and lack of smile, you don't forget.

He had the face of many that aren't returning all that well; but his face comforted me when it would look silly; but haunted when it was a stoic with unintended, resigned grace.

  So this allegory that aims to be a cult classic, does have its soul, as that odd daydream of mine, found a life of its own.

And it became a Shoretale Fable of Therapy in Motion and thinking up the answers that become the solutions.

It's all just rhyming for the reasons, that carry us through the seasons of change.

Suggestion: Look up Grandiose, Ostentatious, Pretentious, Narcissistic, Delusional, Self Absorbed Motor Mouth, but most of all Ironic Catharsis. Thank you.

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"Siempre Fiel En Lagrimas Y Sangre"


Self Censor Rating


Please be at least 18 years old if you are going to read like an adult.

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Pauley's ain't PC and for d*mn sure not intended for the faint of heart; or for those too young to swear that would otherwise get the soap treatment if they did. It's meant to be controversial, but benign for a reason; that being because life happens and we react, relate and navigate as we try to make sense of it all.

Have an open mind and a sense of humor, even if slightly twisted; you may enjoy the literary ride; though you may also get the sudden urge to want to wash your own eyes out with soap.

Stereo Instructions

Part 1

Press Play On Video To Soundtrack The Text Below. Begin Reading When The Music Starts. Watch Again To Begin Gleaning The Slate, Where If You Want A Clean One, You Got To Glean To Clean....


 Have you ever had a daydream so real that you couldn't help but get in to it?

I did.

One day I thought of a man that didn't exist to forget another that I wonder if he even did; and why his memory lingered for so long in my mind.

Sadness is a truth, but madness is more expression of an exaggerated kind; but in between there is a compromise for the genuine fondness there once was.

It's a matter of deciding which one you are. Are you the pinball or the pinball machine?

Before it became surreal as a sunset at dawn, I replayed 'scenes' from this daydream in the quiet moments when I was alone. It kept me company but also it made me wonder what, and whom, was out there that I have yet to discover.

It became a matter of wishful 'what-if's' that challenged the dissatisfaction of what I have known. In this daydream I got to experience something I haven't before. I actually fell in love with someone and I didn't fall on my a** while going through it.

I named my dream guy "Mikey" that was short for "Michael Anthony Duncan" 37 years old divorced single dad and 'Average Joe.' He's named after an Archangel that understood the reasoning behind all this. I imagined him as a good man that was also figuring out his place in the world.

I was happy in my make-believing where I wasn't mistreated and there was no question that I was loved. This stems from heartache experienced when I wasn't. It changed and I was overcome with grief, because I imagined "Mikey" dying, leaving me his widow.

 I'm not embarrassed to admit I imagined a fairy tale where I got married and was content. We even owned our own little business.

I remember that evening clearly.

   I put on my driver cap, cuffed up jeans, wallet chain, black leather MC, and scuffed up boots. I didn't look like a girl again. There was a reason for that under a night sky.

I went to the local gas station that has a 7/Eleven now, and bought my usual pack of smokes and my eyes glistened. Being a regular, the employees noticed I was upset. I walked to Tenno off 1st street and Soto that's not there anymore; to have a beer to toast a man that never lived. I raised my pint glass and tapped the rim.

I then wandered around my new town of Boyle Heights and I continued past the point of "Mikey" dying. I imagined a friend of his, "Jacob" that also mourned him. That's the memory bringing me back to life. Too bad I couldn't help out his when he was in distress.

The irony infliction of parallels and pockets to weave like Charlotte interpreting what one "Doc" said while f*cked up in his head.

"Jacob" kept me company while I took the long way home, as there was made-up conversation again about values and short comings. And before I knew it, the daydream continued in to a new chapter that spoke from the heart.

Then the daydream evolved in to an 'Adult After School Special' that could be many things except for light reading.

Inspired by 1990's "Degrassi Jr. and High School", "21 Jump Street", "Breakfast Club", "Sixteen Candles", "The Outsiders", "Stand By Me", "Girl: Interrupted", "Valley Girl", "Fools Rush In", "Mi Familia", "Swingers", "The Sweetest Thing", "M*A*S*H", "Bringing Out The Dead", "Cheers", and more.

I imagined a pack of close friends that hung out at a slop chute called

"The Iron Horseshoe Tavern"

that was known also by a 'speak-easy' name

"Pauley's Tavern and Pool Hall".

  Some of "The Regulars" are known as "Pauley's Retarded Children"

because the majority of them don't act their age when drunk or sober....

(Read carefully what 'retarded' means and think about why it became an insult.)

....if growing up was mandatory; they represented what I seen was fact.

Many that have grown up, still had questions about what they are supposed to do, and where in life are they supposed to be. There would still be moments of confused reasoning because life wasn't making sense, or it was too much and overwhelming; and they acted out in frustration.

It felt like teen angst had been prolonged though with more privileges, but still with misconduct and tomfoolery that more often than not, was tongue in cheek. So the daydream continued and as I thought about it, I figured I could run with it.

What did I have to lose?

This is the least to know and well if you like to read or just happen to have some goof off time, take a gander, it's good for the goose too!

(Pause or Hurry To Sing Along With The Next Part Starting With The Drums)

"In a rose tattoo, in a rose tattoo, I got your name written here in a rose tattoo. In a rose tattoo, in a rose tattoo, with pride I'll wear it to the grave for you. In a rose tattoo, in a rose tattoo, I got your name written here in a rose tattoo. In a rose tattoo, in a rose tattoo; signed and sealed in blood...."

"I would die for you."

~Dropkick Murphys~

Dedicated To My Children Monkee Ch'ez and Batgrrrl

"Until We Are Reunited"

The Face That Launched An Entire Armada, My Son Monkee Ch'ez says to "Read On."

"Are you up late at night, unable to sleep; with a beer or cup of coffee, does your restless mind beg to be appeased? Please see how it was kept trippy with what a healing heart has gleaned. It is just a story told in the hopes for another chance to get the slate cleaned....

And after it's wiped down, so much new space was found. But the Clowns still have more to teach like Robin and Sebastian. "Lest We Forget" it helps to read yourself asleep and wake up with a new day to try over again."

~Rev. Mother L.G. Flores~

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And yes, Pauley's hosts 'Sober Sunday' support group meetings for those that ended up in 'The Tank' from over doing it the night before. Or for those that dig 'The Virgin Sacrifice' drink menu so much, it's worth volunteering to be the designated driver.

May the Universe bless ye with good karma for getting the drunks home safe. It's greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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"Siempre Fiel En Sangre y Lagrimas"